APW Photography Membership

Preferred studio access, discounted event and class rates, and much more!


Memberships are currently open for enrollment. Please inquire with [email protected].



  • 25% off extra gear rentals during studio bookings.
  • 20% off enrollment in all in-studio classes.
  • 10% off enrollment in all photography adventures.
    • (excepting subtotals related to deposits, and external expenses such as group hotel rooms and entry fees)

Studio Bookings

  • Members receive:
    • Priority booking (including calendar access 2 weeks further ahead than non-members.)
    • 12 member benefit hours/month for booking shoots in the studio.
    • For Bi-Annual and Annual members: up to 8 of those benefit hours/month are eligible for weekend redemption.
    • If a member is a second shooter on another studio booking, the member does not incur an “additional photographer” fee for the reservant.
    • Waiving of the per-shoot damage+policy deposit.
    • Reduction of the two hour booking minimum, to one hour - just be careful with your time! :)

Private Community and Early Access

  • Access to a private members-only email group for discussions and program announcements.
  • Early signup access for all photography adventures.
  • Under consideration, pending interest: monthly members studio social, negotiating discounts with local photography vendors, occasional input into group bookings of touring and regional models.



Membership name Term Rate Total benefit
Max benefit
hrs/mo usable
on weekends
Bi-annual Membership 6 months $400/mo 12 8
Annual Membership 1 year $360/mo 12 8
Weekday Membership 1 year $300/mo 12 0

Any additional studio hours can be booked at the lowest studio rate: $30/hr.

Membership fees are due on a monthly basis, 1 week before the next month starts. There is a grace period up until the day before the next month starts.


A membership damage deposit of $200 will be due at the beginning of the member’s first term. In the event that a membership ends (through non-renewal or cancellation), the deposit will be returned less any damage charges.

Studio Booking Benefits

Members can book the studio at any hour of the day, and any day of the week, up to 6 weeks into the future. Bi-annual and Annual Memberships can redeem up to 8 benefit-hrs/mo on weekends. Weekends are defined as 6AM Saturday until Sunday at 10PM.

No more than 5 consecutive member-hours can be applied within a given 24 hours; if you wish to have shoot(s) within a single day totaling more than 5 hours, you can buy additional hours at the member rate. Benefit-hours may only be redeemed in the 30 days after they are allotted and do not carry over.

Benefit-hours cannot be resold, subletted, or transferred.


While Members are always welcome to renew their memberships, memberships do not automatically renew at the end of the term. If a member does not opt to renew for an additional term, that is not considered a “cancellation” for the below.

Transfers and Cancellations

Memberships cannot be resold, subletted, or transferred. Memberships may be cancelled by APW Photography LLC at the discretion of management. If APW Photography LLC cancels a membership, the member will have the remainder of their current month prorated. If a membership is cancelled by the member, the member agrees to a cancellation fee of half of remaining fees through the end of the term OR one month of fees, which ever is greater.


Annual Member Jill reserves the studio for 5 hours on a Saturday, 3 hours on a Sunday, and 4 hours on a Wednesday. 5+3+4 = is exactly her 12 benefit-hrs/mo. 5+3 = 8, which is covered by her weekend max of 8 benefit-hrs/mo. She’s all set: her monthly membership fee of $360 covers this all. If Jill had rented the studio without a membership costs would be $460. Jill has saved $100!

Bi-annual Member Chen does full day shoots with a full creative team. They travel from SF, shooting on Sunday+Monday. If there are new local faces, he’ll do tests on Tuesday before returning. Chen books the first Sunday+Monday of the month, for 8 hours/day. 5 benefit-hours apply per day, so 10 of his hours on Sunday+Monday are covered. Chen books 3 extra hours on each day at the member rate. With 2 of his 12 benefit-hrs/month still remaining, he can easily fit in a test shoot on Tuesday. This costs his membership of $400 + 2x3x$30/hr = $580. If Chen had rented the studio without a membership, this would have cost $640. Chen has saved $60, but being able to book further ahead than non-members really seals the deal.

Weekday member Courtney is a local photographer who specializes in headshots for South County business owners. She’s got the setup, shooting, and striking of corporate headshots down to a science, taking less than an hour each. Courtney appreciates her Weekday Membership because it is the lowest overhead, highest value membership: the reduction of the minimum booking to 1 hour at a time means she can do up to twelve paid gigs a month without additional charges (only $300 total.) Getting access to do twelve minimum-booking sessions in the studio as a non-member would cost $480 to $960, depending on whether she was lucky enough to get clients scheduled back to back. Courtney’s weekday membership bolsters her profit margin.