Everything you need to know about using our studio

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Category Rate (any talent/subject) Rate (when booking
Model(s) in Residence)
Hourly rate $40/hr $35/hr two hour minimum.
Half-day rate $150/4hrs $125/4hrs additional hours at hourly rate.
Full-day rate $280/8hrs $240/8hrs additional hours at hourly rate.
Addl. photographer $10/hr $10/hr If the addl. photographer is a Member, this fee is waived.

Basic equipment will be available, with additional items available for various rental fees detailed on the equipment page.

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See membership page.

Hours, Availability, and Access

Non-members: Available for booking 6AM-10PM, 7 days a week, up to 4 weeks into the future. Members: Available for booking 24 hours/day, 7 days a week, up to 6 weeks into the future.


The studio is equipped with digital locks. For your booking, you will be issued a temporary pin code that will unlock both studio doors starting five minutes before your reservation starts, until the end of your reservation.


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Renters assume all liability for use of the space, and must have a signed liability waiver on file with APW Photography before they can use the space.

Music and Noise

During office complex business hours, defined as 8:30AM-5PM Monday through Friday, out of respect for other office tenants, noise levels must be limited. Bluetooth speakers provided by the studio will be software-limited to a volume level of 6/10 or less during those hours. If you can hear music from the front door of any other office in our hallway, the music is too loud.


The renter is responsible for all attendees, with a maximum of 5 participants, unless permission is given by the owner ahead of time. Assistants (MUA/Hs, photo assistants, stylists, etc.) count toward this limit.

Smoking / Drinking / Intoxicants

Smoking, vaping, use of recreational drugs, alcohol, or tobacco is not permitted in the studio or office building. Those who wish to smoke or vape can do so outside of the building, so long as they are at least 20 feet away from any building door and the bottom of the fire escape.

Use of Smoke / Fog

Aerosolized cinematic hazer spray may be used, but fog machines, smoke bombs, or actual fires are not permitted.

Messy Materials

Messy materials such as paint, honey, flour, etc. may not be used in the studio without special permission from studio management, including a discussion about safety and cleaning protocols. If permission is granted, the collected cleaning deposit will increase by $200. Use of glitter (glitter bombs, rolling in glitter, etc.) will never be permitted, except for one specific case which does not require special permission: cosmetic glitter selectively applied to a model by a professional makeup artist.

Glamour and Nudity

Photographic nudity is permitted, however the blackout shades must be engaged on all windows. No nudity is permitted outside of the studio - if a model is walking through the rest of the building, they must be fully clothed.

Cleaning and Policy Deposit

A $50 cleaning and deposit will be held before all shoots, and will be refunded to the renter upon sucessful confirmation that all policies have been adhered to, the studio has been kept in proper cleaned condition, and by end of shoot, restored to initial operating conditions (including placing items back in their starting positions.)